New Seasonal Loves Part 2

This is the second part to my new seasonal loves, which if you didn’t see yesterday in my first post, it’s basically about what’s coming up in the fashion world for spring. My posts will also be telling you what I’m loving, what I’m not sure about, and I’ll be picking an item of clothing from a selection of stores, to do with the trend. These shops being, River Island, Boohoo, Miss Seldridge and New Look. I chose these as they are various different prices, and have a good range. Today’s post will be about the orange colour trend and the colour block trend, so let’s get started..


I’m so glad orange is in season. We finally have an unpopular colour, popular.  Another swimsuit from River Island this time with cut outs, which I imagine looks really nice on. Then there’s a cut out of the shoulder shift dress, which is really nice and not fitted. Then there’s this gorgeous Miss Selfridge cut out dress, which is an exclusive item. I predict a sell out. Then we have another bikini kind of cut out. Swimwear in this colour is so summery and will look lovely against any skin tone, so if your pasty, you won’t look washed out. I’ve realised that I’ve gone for all cut out pieces. Haha. Orange isn’t going to be for everyone, however it’s nice to see something a little bit different, that you wouldn’t usually try, or wear.


Top left from: River Island £32

Bottom left from: Boohoo £6

Top right from: Miss Selfridge £45

Bottom right from: New Look £16.99

Colour Block 

I remember this trend from years ago. I am a colour block fan. I always find that I see colours, that I’d never dream of putting together. Like this bikini top. I absolutely love this. You can find more styles on the River Island website. I know where I’ll be getting my beachwear from this year! Then there’s this dress that is so different and unique. I love the contrast in colours and the length. Another dress, is this beige, black and white one, I don’t know if I could pull this off, but I’d have a good try! Lastly is this top in electric blue. Again I love this, love the style, love the colours. By wearing colour block, you won’t need to worry about brightening an outfit again.


Top left from: River Island £16

Bottom left from: Boohoo £12

Top right from: Miss Selfridge £28

Bottom right from: New Look £14.99

What do you prefer orange or colour block?  

A x


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