5 Ways To Beat Writers Block


We’ve all been there and even after a year and almost a half, now and again I will get writers blog. It’s one of the most frustrating things as well. Sometimes I’ll sit for a good hour, trying to think about what to write. My biggest worry, is not creating content that you would want to read. I’m no expert when it comes to this, but this is what I’ve learn’t over the past year and a bit, and hopefully it will help you too.


Burn a candle. Not only will it make the room smell nice but having a little flame in the background, can actually make you feel really calm. Listen to the rain is also a good one, I love listening to rain hit the windows. Another thing you can do is have some acoustic music or classical, playing faintly in the background. Music is one of the things that relaxes me the most, just don’t put anything with a fast beat on, as that can be distracting.


I spend so much time on trying to write a good introduction when I think, just because the introduction is at the start, doesn’t mean you have to do it first. I’ve now learn’t to write my middle and my end and come back to the start, and it works really well for me now. Something as simple as that, I just wish I thought of it sooner.



A really useful tip is to get reading. I will read a lot of magazines like Vogue, for some inspiration on fashion related blog posts. The other thing I will read is blog posts. I love reading other peoples content and feeling inspired that way.


Sometimes you will get so wrapped up about writing what you think your readers want to read, that you actually forget about yourself. Write something that you want to write, it doesn’t have to be something that’s to do with your blog. In fact, by writing a more personal post, your readers will probably like it more, as they will feel that they can learn more about you a bit more.


I find this helps a lot. If you really feel like your not getting anywhere, take a break. Grab a snack, I usually find this works and then when you come back, your calm and you’ve had something to eat, so you’ve fed your brain. There’s no rush when it comes to blog posts, just take your time and everything will come to you naturally.

Are you ready?


A x


7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Beat Writers Block

  1. I always find I put waay to much pressure on myself to get a post out and try to get a few out a week, it’s not easy! I think your always guilty of just doing it to please other people though if you do, i don’t quite know why I put pressure on myself other than wanting to write good content, because I decided to do it for fun. I think when it’s not fun we should be able to take a step back and step away for a minute.


    1. I do, I post Monday to Friday and that’s quite hard work, along with a 8-5 job, but so far I’ve kept it up this year. I totally agree with you, and there was a time last year where I was ready to quit blogging, but I’m glad that I stayed with it.

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      1. Oh for sure! Good on you lovely! i aim to do a few a week but by the time im home its the last thing i want to do as im tired and exhausted from the day. I spend most days writing and scheduling content for other people so my stuff gets left on the shelf to be honest, but i’m getting better i think. It’s defintley about juggling it all and the balance! I’m glad you’ve stuck with it 🙂

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      2. Yeah, glad someone does 🙂 Yeah me too, i tend to take a few hours out on the saturday or sun afternoon to plan a few and write or draft write a few to post in the week as my week gets busy! Oh defintley! I think i’m getting better at that ‘balance’ but it’s not easy!

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