Cute Pyjama Sets By H&M

Just a quick post from me today, as I haven’t had much time to prepare something, but wanted to still post something. Here is some really cute pyjamas I’ve seen from H&M. I love H&M and everything is really affordable too. I actually have too many pyjamas, but some of these would look great in my collection.

Which of these is your favourite?

Cute Pyjama Sets By H&M


A x

7 thoughts on “Cute Pyjama Sets By H&M

  1. Ooh I am loving these Mickey Mouse pjs! I’m not a fan of shorts though, i like the long trousers or jogging bottoms type of sets.

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      1. Me too! Yeah totally, im only a shorts person in the summer or when it gets super hot!


  2. So I went to H&M in Reading yesterday as I went with my friend for a day trip (I live fairly nearby), and so I went there because i saw your post before 🙂 I only saw the Mickey Mouse set you’ve pictured above but I ended up getting another set as they didn’t have the Mickey set in my size! I got a pink t-shirt that said “You had me at coffee” cause it made me laugh 😀 and some plain black shorts.


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