It’s very difficult these days to predict the future of design as in this day in age, things move so quickly. Technology for example, is changing rapidly, we now have electric cars and new fashion must have’s, are coming faster than an ice-cream melting in 28 degrees heat. Soon we’ll be driving flying cars and having a machine that can dress us, just like the one in Wallace and Gromit. (I joke, I joke!) Although I do believe one thing, we are all a designer in one way or another. We are all very creative, and it may not be as obvious as you think, but whatever your job is, or your hobby, there is a creative streak in you somewhere. Like I said, when you think of design, straight away you think of technology. What happens if I say maybe someone will design some new medicines and other medical related treatments. You can now get bionic legs, and how amazing is that?!We also have trial treatments working for people. I can’t even picture what could be produced in 10, or even 5 years time, but it can only get better! I think the future of design in the future, will play a vital role in everyday life, and may even save your life.

One topic I’m going to concentrate on though, which you may, or may not know about me, is I’m really into interior design. What I’ve done with my house so far, is very current and modern. If I could be employed to do interior design for other people’s houses, it would be a dream! At the moment we have technology that allows you to dim and turn the lights on and off from your phone. If we can do that now, imagine the future. Well I think technology is only going to get better. We already have smart phones, smart cars, but what about smart homes? This is something I’m pretty certain this will happen in the near future, it’s just a matter of time. What do I think will be included in these smart homes?

  • Well just like turning your lights on and off from your phone, I think we’ll soon be able to turn on and off our telly’s, heating etc. This will already be installed into homes.
  • I think we should be prepared to see a lot more built in technology too. Think built in washing machines, bins etc. DVD players, Xbox’s, Playstations, Wii’s, all built into TV cabinets. Tables with built in computers, or maybe we could have sinks, and hobs that we can’t see, and we have to do something to make them appear on our worktops. (Okay that idea may be a bit crazy, and I’m getting a bit carried away!) The possibilities for built in appliances is endless though. Maybe we could have a piece of technology that you can swipe with your finger, to get the temperature of the bath or shower water you want. (Finally!)
  • How many of us can’t decide what colour  to paint our walls, or what tiles to have in the bathroom, or what flooring to have. I have already seen this with fashion, You can get something where you can download your clothes on it and other clothes in stores, and see what they look like on you virtually. What happens if you can do this with home décor? In fact, why haven’t they done this yet?
  • However if anyone heard the news recently, about  trying to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2040, a lot of other things can be expected to be sacrificed, to help improve our ecosystem too, and rightly so, it’s for the benefit of us after all. I think more recycled furniture will be used, than usual.
  • 3D printing will take a massive turn and become a lot more popular, not that it isn’t already. I know a lot of people still don’t really understand how it fully works. Your creativity is endless than and you can design almost anything you want, to make it as unique as you wish.
  • All homes should have proper, efficient, security systems fitted (ideal, but I doubt it will happen) to protect your home from burglaries.
  • This one I definitely know won’t happen and I don’t even know how it would work! Haha! If we could move walls in our homes. (Obviously not brick!) Say you had a three bedroom house, and 2 bedrooms were a good size and then you had a little box room. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could push the wall of one of the bigger bedrooms forward a bit, so you then had two decent sized rooms? Your not making the house any bigger or smaller, just changing the layout.
  • Perhaps we could get taps that we can choose what comes out of it, instead of just water. Mhmm… melted chocolate here I come!

Obviously I’m not saying this is all going to definitely happen, but you never know! Whatever does happen though, I’m sure will benefit us in some way, or another. I mean, what’s gone wrong so far? I really enjoyed writing this post, its good to get your creativeness out and let your imagination run wild! I’m always getting called a dolly daydream, and from reading this post you can probably tell why.

*This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader

Thank you for reading!

A x


3 thoughts on “The Future Of Interior Design From My Wondering Mind

  1. best blog stuff you ever done ,looks like your eyes are beginning to open to this crazy world ,,next you will be looking at chem trails an all the lies we are told ,,,,,,keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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