New Blog Look!

Hey everyone! I've decided to revamp my blog! There were a few things that needed changing anyways, but this year seems to be the year for change, and I have had my previous design for a few years. I'm growing up and so my content is going to be different, as I will be interested… Continue reading New Blog Look!


My Blogging Weight Loss Journey – Week 1

I would be lying if I said loosing weight is easy. It's not. I've done numerous diets, including calorie counting, Juice Plus and Weight Watchers.  Which to some extent have worked, however I seem to reach a dead weight after some time. I never seem to get past that weight, which is rather frustrating. I… Continue reading My Blogging Weight Loss Journey – Week 1


Diet. The Dreaded “D” Word.

Hello everyone! I have had a long hard think about this blog and have decided that I want to introduce something new. I want to document my weight loss journey with you all. I know this isn't going to appeal to everyone, but I feel like it might be nice to share this with you… Continue reading Diet. The Dreaded “D” Word.


Fitness Wear Inspiration

Getting fit doesn't necessarily mean that you want to lose weight, it could mean that you want to tone up or build muscle. Whatever it may be, its a battle to get started and to try and find some emoticon. One of the ways to find some motivation is to get some new work out… Continue reading Fitness Wear Inspiration