The Film Tag Part 1

1. What's your favourite film of all time? My favourite film of all time has got to be "The Vow". The film tells such a beautiful story based on what happened to a real life couple. It takes you through so many different emoticons and is a real tear jerker, and it makes you think… Continue reading The Film Tag Part 1


The Food Tag

Just a bit of fun.. Scrambled egg or fried?  Fried. Sugar or sherbet?  Sugar. Sherbet eww. Chicken or duck?  Chick chick chicken. Soft or hard sweets?  Soft. Ravioli or Lasange?  Definitly ravioli. Ketchup or BBQ sauce? Bbq sauce mmm.  Ice cream or snow cone? Ice cream. What's a snow cone? Buttered or caramel popcorn?  Caramel.… Continue reading The Food Tag