Harry Potter World

Hey guys! I have been wanting to write about this for a while now. In August I went to Harry Potter World and it’s one of the best things I have experienced. It’s something that Harry Potter fans should put on their Christmas lists, however I would be surprised if most of you haven’t been already. The attraction lasts approximately 3 hours, but you can stay for as long as you like, or until the park closes if you really wanted too. 


When you have arrived at Harry Potter World, your advised to arrive half an hour before your time slot, this is because it can get very busy. There is  a slight queue but while your waiting you can look and take pictures of the scene where Harry slept in the cupboard under the stairs. Also kids are given free Harry Potter passports where they can find stamps around the  place, that you have to put on the passports, these are a nice little  keepsake. Once you’ve queued, you go into a room where you watch a video, of like an introduction to what your day includes. Then you go into a massive cinema screen, where you’ll watch a short piece of how Harry Potter has grown over the years.


You are then taken into the Great Hall where there is lots of  great photos opportunities like the costumes used, the props and also a lot of interesting facts to learn. You are given a certain amount of time to have a look around, around half an hour, but after this room it is then up to you, how long you take around the rest of it. So when you have taken in all of the Great Hall, you then walk through another door, where you can see more props, scenery, wigs and make up used. Take your time, there’s a lot to look at! You don’t realise the amount of work and effort they have put into all of these films, until you have visited this place, it is a lot to take in. 

image image image

Moving on from the scenery, is the transport section, where you can see all the bikes, brooms  and cars from the films. You can even have a picture inside of the Flying Ford Anglia, but you will need to be patient as this is understandably a popular attraction. While your waiting though, why not have a taste of butter beer! A very sweet drink, not my cup of tea, however exciting to try. Or you could have your picture taken outside of Harry Potter’s Aunty and Uncles house  on Privet Drive.




From there, you then go into another room where you look at the makeup effects side of things and the supernatural. It was very interesting to see how they made up the goblins and the process that goes on behind it. I liked seeing the life size of dobby. Let’s face it, who didn’t like dobby? You also get to see the other mythological creatures like; Acromantula, werewolf, and merpeople, plus many more! 

image image image

Then my favourite part! We went down Diagon Alley! This is where you got to step on the cobblestone pavement and take a looks at the many different shops down this alley, plus you get to see the Gringotts bank! Some of the other shops include Ollivanders and the Slug And Jigers. I was so so happy! Another lot of photo opportunities. 

image image image

The next room, was also really interesting and breathtaking in a weird way, I imagine a lot of kids walked straight past this bit because it looks quite boring, but I suppose as you get older you appreciate these things. (Now I feel old) This room was full, I mean full, of models of Hogwarts and drawings off costumes, characters, sets, props etc as well as painting of all of these too. Then in the last room, this was the wow factor! Was a massive sculpture of the Hogwarts, I mean massive! It was amazing! Lots of facts about that too! It was just so good! 

image image image

Overall me and my boyfriend appreciated this experience so much. Yes there’s lots of fun things to do and take pictures of but it is also factual. You don’t realise the amount of time and effort gone, to make these films, until you experience Harry Potter World. The only thing I would say is the gift shop is a bit pricey, however it’s up to you how much you spend. We actually felt we should be paying more for our tickets. I would definitely go here again. 10/10

A x

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