The Body Shop Shimmer Waves In Bronze


The Body Shop Shimmer Waves In

Bronze £16

Shimmer waves is a must have piece for your makeup collection. The eye shadows come in 5 waves with the colours of a creamy white, dark brown, bronze, deep gold and a dusky pink. This is perfect for a lovely shimmery bronze smokey eye. You can even use this on your cheeks. You could sweep your brush over the dusky pink to give you a nice natural glow, or run your brush through the lighter shades to the top of your cheek bones, to give a lovely highlighter. What’s good about these eyeshadows is they last you a really long time and it’s really pigmented. It really does look stunning on. This is £16 however right now you can get it for £10.40 as Body Shop have 35% of everything! There are also 2 other variations of these eyeshadows so check them out too, if these colours aren’t for you. You won’t be disappointed. 

A x


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