Sweets I Miss


There has to be at least one sweet/chocolate bar, that you miss which has now been discontinued. Sweets definitely don’t live up to the standards that they were when I was a kid. Here is some sweets that I miss that I can’t find anywhere no more (sad face & bottom lip) so if you do know anywhere who does sell these, let me know because I deeply miss them, and if there’s any that you miss, I shall try and help too haha! 

Penny sweets

imageDoes anyone else miss these? When you can walk into a shop with a £1 and come out with a big bag of sweets. I walk into a shop now and Freddos are like 20p?! When did this happen? Going a bit of topic but yes penny sweets I miss, it’s like a piece of childhood gone from me, no one seems to do these anymore. Bring back the penny sweets! 

Fruit pastille body parts


I literally feel like I’m the only person who remembers these, as when I mention them to someone they look at me like I’m crazy. They are just like fruit pastilles but body part shapes. They were so fun when I was a child. Technically these are still around as you can get fruit pastilles, however they are just not as fun like these.

Gummy polos


These  were so good! The sweets were just like polos but not like a stick of rock, more like a haribo sweet, that I thought tasted better. I actually preferred these to normal polos as they didn’t hurt my teeth. I remember them doing polos in like a butterscotch flavour too, however they seemed to have disappeared from the scene for a while as well. 

Ice cream flavoured chewits


I miss these out of all the sweets I’ve mentioned, the most. Although it’s probably a good thing that they don’t make these anymore, as these were a favourite and it probably wouldn’t do my size or my teeth for that matter, a lot of good! Hands down though, that this is the best chewit flavour that has ever been created!

Wonka bars.


Wonka bars were so good! All the different flavours you could get, it was exciting stuff! Then they stopped making them, and then brought them back again and now stopped making them again. Do you think there’s a future still left for them? I hope so. Millionaires shortbread was a definite favourite… mhmm could just eat one right now!

My mouth is now watering and I have made myself craving for sweets, not good, so I shall leave you with this not so exciting topic, but I just wanted to know if anyone else remembered them before they got extinct. 

Do you miss any of these? 

A x


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