Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

image image image

These are the best eyeshadows you could have. They are soooo good for mixing the 4 shades together to make a smokey eye. The bronze/brown ones are my personal favourite for doing this. The colours are beautiful as well, especially the greens. They are easy to apply as well, not powdery and crumbly. They are handbag friendly, which is also a bonus. This lasts all day when I apply in the morning too, no touch ups! Please do not be put off by the price. Yes they are £16 each but you are getting 4 shimmer cubes. These will last you for ages. I have had mine for 2 years and they are still going strong! I promise you they are worth the money! 

P.S It appears that I am missing a shimmer cube in one of the pictures, I do apologise. Oops!

Shimmer cubes are from: The Body Shop

A x


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