Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfection Primer


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(Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfection Primer – £24.50)

This was a goodie I got when I spent over a certain amount on Estee Lauder just before Christmas, and got an Estee Lauder Christmas cracker. I know a primer isn’t something that’s noticed on the skin, however I’ve included the picture above to show you the overall finish. Hopefully you can see that the overall finish looks more try flawless due to the primer helping this.

I don’t wear primer often and it’s something that I became quite new to, towards the end of last year. It’s now something I’ll wear at the weekends, if I’m feeling I want to spend more time on my look, or for evenings out. This is the third primer I’ve tried.I have previously tried Arbonne, and I was really impressed with it, however being new to primers, I’ve been willing to try out different ones. I applied a small amount of the Estée Lauder primer to my finger tips, because that is all you need. I then applied it to my forehead and cheeks, which gave me a slight shine to my face, that I love. The consistency of the primer is beautiful, because it is so light and feels like your not applying any product at all, to your skin. This doesn’t feel heavy at all. This is definitely something I’ll be thinking about purchasing in full size, yes it may be more than your budget, but it’s worth and I think you can see that, with the overall finish.

What primer would you recommend?

A x


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