Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub


I have never tried a Lush lip scrub before and probably would of never bothered, if it wasn’t for the long queue in the shop, that had me browsing whilst in the line. I don’t know why it was so busy, maybe because it was Valentines weekend, although I was at Meadowhall and that place is always manic. I usually just get my bath bombs for my basket in the bathroom and that’s it. I thought it would be good to try something new, rather than stick to what I know, and I’m glad I did that.


It was the perfect time to pick up a lip scrub, especially with the cold climate at the moment. My lips seem to really suffer at this time of year. It comes in 2 other scents, popcorn and mint. I didn’t see the mint one but I almost bought the popcorn one as well as the bubblegum, as that smelled pretty good too! However because I was trying it for the first time, I decided to start off with just the one. There is a scent for everyone in this small collection, they should really do more, considering how popular I’ve heard they are.

The smell of the bubblegum one is amazing! I could literally eat it and smell it all day. If anyone has had the creamy candy bubble bar, it smells partly of that, and that’s probably one of my favourite smelling bath bombs too. It’s a real sweet smell, which reminds you of being in a sweet shop. It’s so tempting to lick it off your lips, although that’s probably a bit gross, and you might end up dissapointed.


At Β£5.50 maybe it is a little overpriced, considering you can make your own really easily, but I think I prefer the lazy option. Although saying that, I would like to have a go when I have a bit more time.

It’s probably not very purse friendly either. Don’t get me wrong the size is great, and you could fit in your pocket. However if you want to use this while out and about, big mistake. If your going for the sugar all over the lips look, then yes this is for you, however I’m sure most of us aren’t. So in that case you may want to take something else out with you, Β or maybe a little compact mirror, if you still want to apply it.


You get a lot of scrub though, it’s not like a bag of crisps, where you get half a bag of air, the scrub is actually full to the brim in the jar, no scrimping and scraping. It’s was really neat too, by neat I mean, there was nothing sticky around the rim of the jar, or scrub messy around the sides, it was just tidy. Every small detail counts right? Overall you get a lot of quantity for the price, so it’s worth it.

I guess I’ve built this up and the question on everyone’s mind, is whether this actually works. The answer is 100% yes. It makes your lips look a lot better and feel really soft. I usually use this and then put a lip balm over the top, and it works wonders. In fact the cracks looked much better within just a few days. It’s well worth the price.

What are your views on the scrubs?

A x


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