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February Favourites

There’s been a lot of favourites this month, so I’ve tried to narrow it down. This year is going so quick already, before we know it another year would have gone by. This does mean though that in 4 months, I will be 21! This month has pretty busy and poorly month for me. Work has been really busy, I also had an ear infection and my wisdom teeth on one side have come through. (So painful!) However I have also been to Meadow Hall, Sheffield Arena, bowling and ghost hunting with the Most Haunted team. I wonder what next month has in store for me but for now, here’s my February favourites!


If any of you saw my post on these, then you’ll know how much I love my new trousers. They might be a bit “out there” for some people but I love the colour and flowery design.  The material is really soft on the skin and also stretchy, so your legs don’t feel claustrophobic. They are really versatile if you want to achieve the casual look, or if you want to achieve the smart look. They are the  perfect trousers for spring.


My favourite recipe of the month has got to be my nutella brownies. The perfect dessert for any occasion and for any reason too! They tasted amazing and were so gooey. The recipe is super easy but be careful as they can be very addictive. Next time though I think I will try them warm with custard, as I’m sure they will taste even better. Although cream might taste just as good!


My favourite Lush bath bomb has to be the ladybird. Just look at how cute it looks! A good one for kids, as its really fun. If you are looking for a bath with lots of bubbles, then this is perfect. Such a great bath bomb if you are wanting to unwind and relax. The smell is something really different, which is really fruity with a hint of peppermint. The bath also turns a really cute shade of red.


My favourite thing I’ve watched this month is Making A Murderer. Getting Netflix is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, you can find some real hidden treasures. This series will have you turn into a lawyer. For those who know what I mean, there’s loads of unexpected twists and turns and it’s all a real life documentary. I really hope they go and make a series 2.


My favourite makeup product of the month, is the Estée Lauder primer. A primer is something I’ve recently added to my makeup routine, but I can understand why people use it. It may be at the higher end of the budget,  but it works wonders and makes your skin look flawless. It’s not greasy and you don’t need a lot, just a blob on your fingertip does the trick. I am definitely considering purchasing the full size product of this.

Whats your favourite thing from the past month?

A x


4 thoughts on “February Favourites

    1. I really enjoyed Making A Murderer, although I’ve become obsessed and started researching it myself haha! I can see there’s a lot of evidence against him, but I don’t think he did it at all, he doesn’t seem clever enough to be able to murder someone and then cover it up as technical as it was done. I also feel that Steven got proved innocent once and the investigators and cops didn’t like it so tried to do it again, by learning from their mistakes the first time and getting away with setting up. Sorry for the essay!


      1. No I completely agree. I don’t see why he would’ve done it when he was set to make a lot of money from the government and I don’t think he did it but then some evidence against him I just don’t understand!

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      2. It’s all confusing! I’ve heard that he might be getting free though! I don’t think he did it because there is too many lawyers out there trying to help get him out. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the second series aha!

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