Mac VS. Rimmel Concealer


(Mac Studio Finish Concealer In NC20 – £16 / Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer In Ivory – £5.49)

It’s been forever since I’ve done a makeup post and I thought I’d do something a bit different to the usual makeup review and thought I’d do a comparing post between a lower end of the budget and a higher end of the budget concealer.


I don’t really get a lot of spots but when I do get one, it’s usually a really noticeable planet sized one that appears on my face. This is really all I use concealer for, as I don’t suffer with bags under my eyes, which I’m surprised about, because I really don’t sleep well at night, but I guess that is just luck and I’m sure it will all catch up with me in the years to come.


Everyone knows how much I like Rimmel and when I don’t use a concealer much, £5.49 seamed pretty good to me and a price I can’t argue with. I like the consistency of this concealer, it is liquid but it’s not too runny and not too stiff. It does cover your blemishes and lasts most of the morning, however it does fade and makes your blemishes by the end of the day quite flakey, but if you don’t mind topping up then this does the job.

image image

At £16 I didn’t know weather to purchase this at first, however Mac is a brand that has grown in the years and is probably now one of the biggest leading makeup brands there is, so many people have converted themselves to Mac makeup and most people have at least one of their products now in their makeup bag. This is what made me go along with the purchase. I went for their second lightest shade because concealer is not something you want to stand out, its something you want to blend in and look as natural as possible. The consistency is quite thick and when applied, is quite dry on the skin. I’d say that when I was using my finger to apply, this felt more like a paste.


What I like about this concealer is how long it lasts, it literally lasts all day and doesn’t fade. What I’m not overly keen on is the consistency, although I’ve heard a few people say that if you use your ring finger, it warms it up a bit and makes it easier to apply, so I will try this. I’d only apply this lightly though, not too much on your finger or concealer brush as it could look a bit caked on.

Overall it’s hard to say which I prefer as there is different features I like about them both. I like how long lasting the Mac one is as it doesn’t budge, however I prefer the consistency of the Rimmel one as it feels lighter on the skin. I think the Mac one is good for when your going out somewhere nice or if you are having a long day out somewhere, you won’t need to touch up your concealer at all. The Mac one is a great shade for me too. The Rimmel one has a better consistency but then doesn’t last as long and fades through the day. Overall if you don’t mind touching up, the Rimmel one is good and still does the job, on the other hand the Mac one won’t need touching up throughout the day, and looks really natural, provides good coverage, you can’t tell you have any product on, providing you apply it on lightly and for this reason, I am probably going to go with Mac. However I will probably still use the Rimmel one for work and the Mac one for weekends.

What do you guys think? Whats your favourite concealer to use?

A x


17 thoughts on “Mac VS. Rimmel Concealer

      1. yeah same, for such a high end brand i wasnt expecting less. i tried their lipsticks, i feel like maybellines are better.


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