Made In Chelsea South Of France


I didn’t even realise Made In Chelsea was back until I saw it advertised Monday evening, so that was a pleasant surprise! Another pleasant surprise is…. FRANCIS IS BACK!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, I have missed him and his awkward ways ever since he left, and I really hope he’s in it for a long time. While there is a face gained, there are a few missing ones too. Louise and Jame are missing as well as Rosie, Nicola,  and JP and what’s happened to Spencer? Is he just not in it anymore? *does a sad face*

The drama soon kicked off with rumours flying around Jamie cheated on Frankie and to be honest as much as I love Jamie, I can believe it. Not to mention Tiifany still hasn’t made up with Stephanie and to be honest I don’t think Stephanie should have apologised as she had done nothing wrong, Tiffany should never of cheated in the first place. I use to like Tiffany at one stage but I really think she’s got this whole situation wrong and I’m starting to go off her. Team Stephanie all the way! I’m so glad she’s hanging out with Victoria and Marc Francis, they are much more loyal friends.  Then there’s Lucy who has broken up with Alec, which I’m not sure this is the last we’ll see off him but we’ll see, and poor Ollie who is looking for a guy but not having much luck.

What’s everyone else’s views on Made In Chelsea?

A x


One thought on “Made In Chelsea South Of France

  1. I didn;t realise it was back either! But i’m so happy as I love MIC and my fave Binky is in this special 🙂 I totally agree! Also spencer isn’t in it anymore as he wanted to do other things i think and after that I’m a Celeb incident…


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