Made In Chelsea South Of France

I didn't even realise Made In Chelsea was back until I saw it advertised Monday evening, so that was a pleasant surprise! Another pleasant surprise is.... FRANCIS IS BACK!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this, I have missed him and his awkward ways ever since he left, and I really hope… Continue reading Made In Chelsea South Of France


Let’s Talk Made In Chelsea

Hey everyone! I don't know if there is many Made In Chelsea fans here, but I love it and I've realised I've not spoken about the new season at all. Let's start of with some new people, Jessica Molly and Olivia. I'm still trying to figure out Jessica, sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't.… Continue reading Let’s Talk Made In Chelsea


Binky Nail Varnish

I've always been a fan of Binky, ever since I've watched her in Made In Chelsea, she's just such a genuine person, so when I heard about her bringing out her own brand of nail polish, I just had to get them!  The colours are really unique and girly. The brush is thick  and is… Continue reading Binky Nail Varnish