Let’s Talk Made In Chelsea


Hey everyone! I don’t know if there is many Made In Chelsea fans here, but I love it and I’ve realised I’ve not spoken about the new season at all. Let’s start of with some new people, Jessica Molly and Olivia. I’m still trying to figure out Jessica, sometimes I like her, sometimes I don’t. Her personality can come accross a bit shady at times and like she really doesn’t want to be there. On the other hand she says that people tell her she has an unapproachable face, so maybe this is it and it’s not really her fault. Olivia I was unsure off to start but she is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I love that you know where you stand with her, she’s not interested in being bitchy, unless someone has a problem with her. I love her style as well and she really fits in with the cast.


Lets talk about JP and Binky’s relationship, he finally says he loves her. As much as I sometimes think JP is a bit of a wally, you could really see how much of a big deal that was for him. I do feel sorry for him at times as relationship stuff is all new to him, and I feel like he gets a bit of stick, but like I said sometimes he can be a wally! They make a good couple though.


Sam and Tiffany’s relationship has been another focus for the series, with Sam and his past. That guy can never do anything right. He could be seen with a girl that’s a friend and immediately be accused of cheating. This is all starting to make sense now though, as next weeks episode preview shows Tiffany has something to tell Sam. We shall just wait and see!


Lastly there’s Stephanie and Lucy’s falling out. I love them both, but I don’t think Stephanie did anything wrong at all. I just hope they sort it out, which I’m sure they will, as Lucy will need someone to turn to after James told her he had lied to her. I always thought there wasn’t something quite right about him!

What are your thoughts on Made In Chelsea at the moment?

A x


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Made In Chelsea

  1. Ah i love Made in Chelsea! I see it as escapisim though and try not to take it too seriously as i know people who do! I still have my favourite people but i know that you only see an hour a week and don’t see all aspects of their lives.

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      1. Yeah 100%. Were not going to be able to see everything that happens but i can still enjoy it. I can’t get enough of binky right now, she’s so funny and relatable!

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      2. Same 🙂 No not recently! But to be honest it always tends to be the person with the most ‘storyline’ that gets focused on. I haven’t watched last nights yet but will catch up tonight! x


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