The Hump Nail Trend

Now this is something that was a no brainer for me, I made my mind up straight away on what I thought of this and that is the new trend on “hump” nails also known as “bubble” nails. This made me gasp in shock and that’s not happened in a long time with a beauty trend. Hump nails are created by layering globs of acrylic on top the nail in a dome shape.They are called “bubble” when the tips are kept short and “hump” when the tips are long. I just couldn’t imagine walking into a nail bar and asking for this nail design.

My opinion if you haven’t guessed already, is I don’t like them.I just think they look like blobs and that they look really gunky and just not very nice. Also wouldn’t acrylics being used like that wreck your nails? I don’t use acrylics for that reason because I have heard from a few people that they do. I must admit when I first saw these I thought it was a joke and I found it hard to take it seriously. If any of you have tried this new design then let me know and of course I’d love to hear your opinions. This is obviously just my opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone if I have. I just guess we will have to see if this will take off, this is just the beginning.

A x


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