New Blog Look!


Hey everyone! I’ve decided to revamp my blog! There were a few things that needed changing anyways, but this year seems to be the year for change, and I have had my previous design for a few years. I’m growing up and so my content is going to be different, as I will be interested in different things, and so I have changed and added new categories too. Here is a little brief of what you can expect from the future.


The Beauty category hasn’t really changed much apart from combining the Makeup and Hair category, into the Beauty one. What this means now, is that you can find everything from the perfect nail polish, to how to style your hair for that date night planned, you will find everything you want to know about my beauty routines here. Not only will you find tutorials, but also reviews, trying new products, and personal recommendations to help finish off your look.


The Travel category had Lifestyle next to it, I have no idea why I ever put lifestyle next to it to be honest. This is the category I have become most excited out, because on Friday I have my passport interview, so I can get my first ever passport, and explore what the world has to offer. So exciting! Don’t worry though, if going abroad isn’t something that applies to you, or something that you may not be able to do, I will also be showing my favourite places in the Uk too. One of the places I am going too in June, is Scotland, I have never been before, so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below!


The Wear category is kind of self explanatory really. Anyone look in a wardrobe full of clothes and think “what should I wear?!” I think that is most of us isn’t it? This will be the section where this question will be solved. You will find posts on outfit of the days, fashion tips and tricks, how to be more out of your comfort zone, as well as exploring the latest trends, and up and coming styles to look out for, before the new season even arrives, so you can be fashion ready.


Something I love to enjoy in life is food, and although my anxiety gets in the way of this, I do like trying new places for food too, when I feel I can. As well as trying new food, I also love to bake and cook, so as well as finding restaurant reviews, which mostly will probably be places in Lincolnshire, although there may be chains elsewhere across the country, you can also find recipes and at the moment I am definitely being more healthy, so I shall give you some healthy suggestions too, like some fake fast food alternatives, that taste just as yummy, trust me on this one.


This is the most important category for me. This is the category I will be sharing personal things with you, the good and the bad, also opening up about my mental health, and giving you updates on that, as quite a few of you have told me that this also helps you too. I shall also be sharing some embarrassing moments and funny stories, and basically sharing my journey through life. After all life is one big giant roller-coaster, so the highs and lows, I will share it all.


I mentioned earlier, that I am getting really into being healthy and fit and have some goals I want to achieve this year when it comes to appearance, so this is where I will share with you meal plans, exercise routines, as I am currently exercising at least 3-4 times a week at the moment for an hour to an hour and a half each time, which I thought would be quite interesting. Also though, one of the main things, is how I am staying motivated, so I’ll be sharing that with you too.


New category alert! The craft section is all going to be about getting creative. I am quite a creative person, so this is quite exciting! In this category you will find everything from how to do gifts on a budget by being creative, to how to revamp your clothes and shoes, with just a thread and a needle, and a bit of PVA glue. Not only that, but also how to style your home without breaking the bank, and being crafty. I can’t wait to get started on posts for this category!


I was going to delete this category and I am still unsure about it. This category is really hit and miss, but for now, it will stay, but I do have an idea of what I can replace it with, but if you are someone who enjoys film reviews, then I could include it in my days out posts. I have just been to see Greta recently, which is really good, and hopefully on Saturday I will be seeing Pet Semetary, which is on ridiculously late, so if anyone has seen it and its not worth watching, please tell me now haha. I go to the cinema quite a lot, because I have a limitless pass with Odeon, so you pay a certain amount a month, and can go to the cinema as many times as you like. You only need to go twice a month, to get your moneys worth, and being the film crazy person I am, I sometimes do that in a day haha. I’m also debating on whether to watch the new Avengers, film although stuck in a cinema seat for 3 hours, is quite off putting. Does anyone else find the seats uncomfy?

I must admit, I am very excited about my blogs new look, and I think it’s exactly what it needed, new categories and all. I’ve said this before, but I do want to concentrate most of my time on this, as I forget how much it helps me, and also how much I enjoy it. If you would like to take part in my poll, then it is very much appreciated.

I hope you like the new look!

A x


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