Meet My Sister!

Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to get to know me as well as one of my siblings, while I answered these questions. I hate having my photo taken, but have manged to find a few photos of us together. I manged to find this one from our zoo trip June last year and then the collage I’ve used for the cover, was all taken around Christmas time I think. Anyways meet my sister Ellie-Mae!



1)  How old are you?

Me: 23

Ellie: 12 deerrrrr!

2) Describe each other in one word..

Me: Caring

Ellie: Creative 

3) Do people ever get us mixed up?

Me: No, because there is a big age gap between us! 

Ellie: Well, they get us mixed up with our names, someone at school called me Amy for the first 6 weeks of term! So annoying! (I’m not sure if this has anything to do with me, or if Ellie looked like a girl in her class called Amy haha) 

4) What is something that annoys you about one and another?

Me: That you don’t stop talking! Just joking! That when I take you out, you always call me mum and I then get weird looks.. 

Ellie: You think I hate things when I don’t. 

Me: Elaborate.. 

Ellie: Well when we went to watch the Grinch and you thought I didn’t like it. 

Me: That’s because when I took you to the cinema as a surprise, you said, “what are we watching” and I told you the Grinch, and you just went “oh” and pulled a face. (I didn’t realize that Ellie was scared of the original Grinch. Crying laughing face emoji!) 

Ellie: I never!

Me: You so did! I just want you to have fun and a good time when we have days out together!

5) Do you ever argue?

Me: No, I don’t think we’ve ever argued. 

Ellie: Yes haha!

Me: Just then? That was a disagreement haha!

Ellie: No we don’t then. 

6) What’s the best thing about one another?

Me: She always manages to cheer me up when I’m down, and she gives the best hugs!

Ellie: You let me come over to your house and we play games and have fun. Actually, I’ve changed my mind! Your laugh is the best, because you sound like Donald Duck! Hahaha!

7) Favourite memory together?

Me: Hmm, this is tough..

Ellie: Hmm, difficult one. I liked it when we went to Move It and we got to take pictures with all the famous dancers and watch them dance, and eat melted chocolate on strawberries!

Me: Yes! Move It was a good memory! I might have to say the same!

8) Full sisters?

Me: Half but see her as a full sister.

Ellie: Half, and same.

9) Guess each others favourite singer?

Me: Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Pink, easy peasy

Ellie: Erm… Little Mix

Me: Not my favourite but I like them..

Ellie: Erm… I don’t know

Me: Its Sia! I thought that was easy!

Ellie: Oh yeah! I forgot about her!

10) Who takes the longest to get ready?

Me: How long does it take you to get ready? 

Ellie: About 10 mins

Me: Takes me half an hour on a work day and an hour or hour and a half on a weekend, so I definitely take longer then!

11) Heels or flats?

Me: Hmm, I like heels but because I have only size 3 feet, they hurt, so I like them, but have to say flats as I wear them more. 

Ellie: Flats!

12) Jeans or dresses?

Me: Dresses definitely!

Ellie: Dresses! I hate jeans, I like wearing legging!

Me: Same! They make my legs feel claustrophobic! 

13) Favourite animal?

Me: Obviously tigers! (I am obsessed) 

Ellie: Horses and cheetahs! (I honestly didn’t know until I asked her, that cheetahs were her favourite too)

14) If your house were burning down, and your family were okay, what item would you take?

Me: My iPod, because I wouldn’t cope without music. 

Ellie: If the dog was okay, then my iPad or my oldest teddy. 

Me: You love teddies, but that is a good one. 

15) Comedy, Horror or Chick Flick?

Me: Easy, Disney all the way, I love Disney!

Ellie: Comedy, actually Disney, its a tough one.. 

16) iPhone or Samsung?

Me: I use to like iPhone but have been converted to Samsung, it doesn’t really bother me as long as I can text and take pictures. 

Ellie: Samsung!

17) Favourite Disney Film?

Ellie: I know what your going to say Amy.. 

Me: Beauty And The Beast?

Ellie: Yes! I think its mine too..

Me: I love Beauty And The Beast, especially the song Tale As Old As Time, always makes me emotional and the words are beautiful. I love both versions equally for different reasons though.

Ellie: I like Lumiere!

Me: I like him too, and Cogsworth!

18) Whats your favorite movie?

Me: Hmm tough one, well it might have to be Beauty And The Beast again..

Ellie: Mine is Zootropolis 

Me: Really?

Ellie: Yes, I like the sloth!

Me: Oh I like that bit too! (Does impression) I also love the film Legend and The Vow, difficult decision. 

19) What is something weird you eat?

Me: I don’t actually know… 

Ellie: Casserole..

Me: Hahahahaha thats not weird! I can’t really think of anything other than cold pizza, people think that’s weird. I genuinely don’t know, celery and salad cream? I don’t know haha. 

20) Do you both have anything matching?

Me: Hmm…

Ellie: Our Pandora bracelets!

Me: Oh yeah! 

21) Favourite Tv Show?

Me: Well its not on Tv at the moment but I love Peaky Blinders!!

Ellie: Catchphrase!

Me: Well I’m rubbish at Catchphrase, I can’t get them..

Ellie: I’m actually quite good!

22) When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Me: Well you still young.. 

Ellie: I want to be a Vet, or something to do with animals..

Me: I could see you being a Vet, I wanted to be an Archaeologist or a dance teacher. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me and my sister Ellie!

A x


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