Lush Dream Time Bath Oil

No one really talks about Lush bath oils, they talk about the bath bombs and bubble bars but maybe that’s because bath oils don’t really do a lot, there like a more mature bath product haha. They have definitely had a few makeovers since I first purchased them, and I like the new looks, it makes them more appealing. They are also very inexpensive. You could probably get 2 of these, for the same price as a bath bomb or bubble bar! I love how purple it is and the gold glittery “Z” that is on it, although mine has seen better days but this has been in a basket full of other lush bath bombs, oils and bubble bars.


It was my nan who introduced me to Lush, we went to the one in Covent Gardens, if it wasn’t for the fact that my nan had introduced me, it would of probably took me a long time to discover such amazing smelling products. I think the first Lush oil I bought was melting marshmallow, and that smell is the most amazing smell ever, but leaves me craving sweets. Soon after that I just purchased a few different ones, because I loved popping them in the bath. Bath oils are good if you don’t want all the bath bomb and bubble bar drama.


The smell of this bath oil is Shea mixed with Lavender and Chamomile oils, which all go together lovely and leave you feeling very relaxed and sleepy. Lavender is a good smell if you have anxiety too, making you feel calm. Perfect for both morning and night time baths. The bath oils are definitely the best for moisturising your skin, it makes mine super soft and smelling lovely all day, which lasts up to 2 days! It doesn’t do a lot in the bath, just dissolves and leave purple spots, but for £2 it’s a bargain!


What do you think of the Dream Time bath bomb?

A x


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