Made In Chelsea South Of France

I didn't even realise Made In Chelsea was back until I saw it advertised Monday evening, so that was a pleasant surprise! Another pleasant surprise is.... FRANCIS IS BACK!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this, I have missed him and his awkward ways ever since he left, and I really hope… Continue reading Made In Chelsea South Of France


Rumoured Celebrity Big Brother Housemates

I can't believe 2 days after the Big Brother final, Celebrity Big Brother will start, how are they going to get the house ready?! If your as much of a fan as I am, then you will know a lot of websites have been writing about the rumoured celebrities to go in, and let's just… Continue reading Rumoured Celebrity Big Brother Housemates


Pretty Little Liars Update (Sort Of!)

Of course I've been watching Pretty Little Liars at every chance I can get, I love it so much but I would be gutted to catch up and have to wait for the next season like everyone else has too, so I shall just watch it at the pace I am at the moment. I… Continue reading Pretty Little Liars Update (Sort Of!)


Let’s Talk Made In Chelsea

Hey everyone! I don't know if there is many Made In Chelsea fans here, but I love it and I've realised I've not spoken about the new season at all. Let's start of with some new people, Jessica Molly and Olivia. I'm still trying to figure out Jessica, sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't.… Continue reading Let’s Talk Made In Chelsea


Pretty Little Liars

I know this has been going on for quite some seasons now, I believe everyones currently on season 6. I was hearing everyone going on about Pretty Little Liars and I decided I wanted to join in, so I've started from the beginning. I'm already on season 2, as I got so addicted I finished… Continue reading Pretty Little Liars

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February Favourites

There's been a lot of favourites this month, so I've tried to narrow it down. This year is going so quick already, before we know it another year would have gone by. This does mean though that in 4 months, I will be 21! This month has pretty busy and poorly month for me. Work… Continue reading February Favourites

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January Favourites

It was October since I've done my last favourites of the month post. That's 3 months ago! I can't believe we're in February next week either! Time to move on from those January festive blues. This year is already going quick and before we know it, we'll be getting ready for Christmas again. I've been… Continue reading January Favourites


Made In Chelsea First Impressions

One of my favourite things started back on tv on Monday and that is Made In Chelsea. However I did notice that there is like 7 new characters. This is the biggest cast they've had yet. Lauren I don't really like, I find her fake and overly bitchy without no need to be. Emily is… Continue reading Made In Chelsea First Impressions