Pretty Little Liars Update (Sort Of!)


Of course I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars at every chance I can get, I love it so much but I would be gutted to catch up and have to wait for the next season like everyone else has too, so I shall just watch it at the pace I am at the moment. I have heard that the next season will be on our screens on the 21st June, however I don’t know if that’s for the Uk, or for America. I’ve managed to get to the early stages of season 4, so probably about another 60 episodes to go haha. I’ve got to the part where Hannah’s mums been arrested because they caught Hannah burying her dad’s gun. I’m always on the edge of my seat when watching PLL, and find myself talking to the tv, which I’ve never done with anything I’ve watched before haha. I just keep questioning myself as to why I haven’t watched this sooner? It’s seriously addictive. I also saw on Instagram that season 7 could be the last season as its been called the beginning of the end. Although I’ve also seen that this is just about the “A” storyline, there could be a separate storyline, so we shall just see!

This post was much longer, however I’ve had to rewrite it again because it said that it had auto saved but it actually hadn’t, so when I went to have a look at it today, I found that a lot of it was missing! Grr! I wasn’t go to post altogether however it has saved a paragraph, so it’s better than nothing I guess!

My apologies!

A x


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