It’s A Full Skirt Kind Of Thing..

Full skirts are perfect for the weather right now, where it’s not too cold to wear a skirt, but not too warm to wear a shorter skirt. A full skirt is great at showing of your waist, as they pull in at all the right places. What I also like apart from the flattering shape is, you can also show of a good pair of shoes due to the length of the skirt. All you really need underneath these is a plain top or vest tucked in, styled with some pretty accessories and your good to go. Too much detail on top will draw attention away from the detail of the skirt, so keep it simple!
It's a full skirt kind of thing..


Eggs full pleated skirt
£215 – farfetch.com

Coast petal skirt

Chicwish white knee length skirt
£33 – chicwish.com

Print skirt

3 thoughts on “It’s A Full Skirt Kind Of Thing..

      1. Haha i know EXACTLY what you mean! 😉 I always find an excuse haha, for example my shorts from last year are a bit tight now so i must buy some new ones haha.


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