What I Got For My 24th Birthday!

Hey everyone, I'm a bit late with this one, actually 18 days late, but I always like reading posts and watching videos on what people got for their Birthday and Christmas, so I thought I'd share with you what I got for mine. I'm very thankful for all my lovely gifts and Birthday wishes that… Continue reading What I Got For My 24th Birthday!


It’s A Full Skirt Kind Of Thing..

Full skirts are perfect for the weather right now, where it's not too cold to wear a skirt, but not too warm to wear a shorter skirt. A full skirt is great at showing of your waist, as they pull in at all the right places. What I also like apart from the flattering shape… Continue reading It’s A Full Skirt Kind Of Thing..


Pretty & Pink

  Pretty & Pink by littlemissminor95 featuring lip gloss makeup Chicwish bow blouse £29 - Chicwish pink pleated skirt £29 - Ted Baker ballet pumps £61 - LYDC floral crossbody Palm Beach Jewelry unisex earrings £16 - Boohoo oversized wayfarer sunglasses £11 - Clarins lip gloss makeup £17 - We all love a bit of pink in our lives, and… Continue reading Pretty & Pink


Fashionably Late

  Fashionably Late by littlemissminor95 featuring ted baker watches Michael Kors rose gold watch £175 - Ted baker watch £120 - Gold jewellery £92 - Olivia burton watch River Island rose gold watch £44 - Lipsy rose watch


5 Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day can be a pretty tricky occasion to buy for. A time of being thoughtful and making a day special but also full of people's Relationship updates. It can be pretty hard knowing what to get, or knowing if you should get anything at all. Especially if it's someone who you're dating, or if… Continue reading 5 Valentines Gift Ideas


Beautiful Ted Baker Makeup Sets

I can remember doing my Christmas shopping and going into Boots, eyeing up all the different Ted Baker things. I just immediately fell in love with the packaging, and products, so when I unwrapped these I was so excited. So you get 2 different eye shadow pallets, one in a dark, smokey eye, shade, the… Continue reading Beautiful Ted Baker Makeup Sets

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What I Got For Christmas 2015!

Before I start of this post I wanted to say 2 things. Number 1 being, I know this is quite late for a Christmas post however I have seen a few YouTube videos go up this week, so this makes me feel a bit better. Second thing is, I actually debated doing this post several… Continue reading What I Got For Christmas 2015!


All In Black

Dress (similar) - Ted Baker £179 Leggings - Boohoo £5 Ankle boots (similar) - Select £25.99 Usually I'd be happy it's Friday however this means my week off is coming to an end! *does sad face* On the upside it will be then be closer to Christmas! It's the last of my week of outfit… Continue reading All In Black


Ted Baker Purse Spray

I know I've already posted once about Ted Baker this week but I wanted to post about this purse spray. I've already got the black one, but last week I think, I was given this pink one called Mia. As much as I love the scent of the black perfume, this pink one is something… Continue reading Ted Baker Purse Spray

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Gorgeous Christmas Gifts By Ted Baker

It is hardly a surprise that Ted Baker gifts were a massive sell out? If you want to get these gifts for someone or yourself, I'd suggest you do it now, as I was in Boots last weekend and the shelves were already starting to looking bare. For starters the packing is gorgeous, elegant and… Continue reading Gorgeous Christmas Gifts By Ted Baker