All In Black

image image image

Dress (similar) – Ted Baker £179

Leggings – Boohoo £5

Ankle boots (similar) – Select £25.99

Usually I’d be happy it’s Friday however this means my week off is coming to an end! *does sad face* On the upside it will be then be closer to Christmas! It’s the last of my week of outfit of the days, and I though I’d finish it off with a dress. I don’t actually like wearing all black, ask me 10 years ago, that wouldn’t have been  a issue. At the moment though wearing all of one colour seems to be a trend. I don’t usually like wearing things that are quite fitting however this makes you look slimmer. I love the white collar on this dress, it makes it look a lot smarter. I still need to invest in some tights, so leggings will have to do for now. Then to finish off, my ankle boots which have featured a lot this week. Doing these outfit posts have been a lot of fun, however I wish I could take better pictures. Anyone know a way of taking full length photos when your on your own?

Another really random question, does anyone know how to get those hair elastics out of your hair, without tearing it out?

Hope you have a nice weekend everyone!

A x


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