Knitted Jumper And Shades Of Grey

image image image image image image image

Jumper (similar)  – New Look £17.99

Shorts (similar)  – Boohoo £5

Leggings – Boohoo £5

Ankle Boots (similar) – Select £25.99

I’ve noticed I’ve been wearing a lot of grey recently and I’ve been totally unaware of it. I think it’s because I’ve been loving these shorts lately, I was stupid to think of getting rid of them. I’ve really enjoyed doing these outfit posts all week, and showing you colours I put together. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them too. I know I’ve featured them once already but I am loving these shorts. They are a winter colour, which makes them quite dull looking, but that’s why I’ve chosen this top to go with them. The only thing that I don’t like about these shorts, is that when I sit down they rise up a lot, which can be quite annoying when your getting out of the car in a public place yanking your shorts down. The top is long at the back, shorter at the front. What I like most is the shoulder are made from a lace material, which makes it look more than plain. I love a good jumper in these colder months. I’ve then just put on my new leggings from Boohoo and my ankle boots that I dug out last week. Doing these outfit posts makes me realise I wear quite a lot of the same thing, when I know I have loads of other clothes I don’t wear. Something I feel guilty of really. I can’t wait for Boxing Day sales though!

A x


One thought on “Knitted Jumper And Shades Of Grey

  1. great outfit ,you look amazing ,shorts just perfect you got the right figure for them ,boots so funky .an head pic of you well what can you say but sooo pretty


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