Dressing Down

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After a busy day shopping yesterday, I decided I wanted a more of a low-key day today, slobbing out on the sofa and watching films. I was suppose to be watching the last three James Bond films, so I could watch the new one, however that went wrong so it’s a Netflix kind of day. Sorry to disappoint guys but I just put on my Griffindor t-shirt, which I actually think is really cool, because who doesn’t like Harry Potter let’s be honest? Then the comfiest joggers that you can ever get from Jack Wills. I really like Jack Wills bottoms as they’re soft inside and I love how baggy and slouchy they are. Hollister is also good for joggers, but they don’t feel as thick. Not very interesting, I must admit, however I did say that I was going to do five days of outfit posts, and this just happens to be what I’m wearing today. I hope everyone is having a good week so far. See you in tomorrow’s post!

A x


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