Beautiful Ted Baker Makeup Sets

I can remember doing my Christmas shopping and going into Boots, eyeing up all the different Ted Baker things. I just immediately fell in love with the packaging, and products, so when I unwrapped these I was so excited. So you get 2 different eye shadow pallets, one in a dark, smokey eye, shade, the other in a bronzed, tone. I usually start off with the lighter colour first in the inner eye, and work my way outwards, blending it in as I go. They blend really well together and create a really nice shimmery eye. I really like the brown one the best, as I use brown shades most days when I’m working. They stay on for a long amount of time too. Plus the copper packaging is luxurious! As for the mascara, it has really good constructed bristles that comb through the lash, leaving no clumps and giving you natural looking lashes. The eyeliner is much more impressive than last years one. If you read my post last year on a gift set, I wasn’t overly impressed with the eyeliner then, as it was watery. This year it is so much better. Reason being, is you can use it as a pen, its not watery and it gives a black, not faint, line, and stays put for most of the day.

In the blusher set, you get a brush, blusher, a pink illuminator and a golden glow face illuminator. The blusher comes with three different shades, a pale pink, a creamy colour and a brighter pink. I’m in absolute love with the baby pink shade, and can be built up if you want something more, or you could just use the brighter pink. Overall the shades are perfect, and I’ve not seen a pallet that uses these pretty colours together. As for the kabuki brush, it is amazing, its soft and light on the skin, and is as good as the Bourjois brush. The pearly pink illuminator is lovely, a really nice highlighter for the cheek bones and gives a nice shimmer. The bronzed glow is still good, but I feel like it doesn’t show up on my skin as much, it seems to blend in to my foundation, but I’m going to see if I can build this up by putting more on. Again I love the packaging, I’m really loving copper at the moment.

Overall I love both of these sets and they are very welcome in to my makeup collection!

A x


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