Ted Baker Purse Spray

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I know I’ve already posted once about Ted Baker this week but I wanted to post about this purse spray. I’ve already got the black one, but last week I think, I was given this pink one called Mia. As much as I love the scent of the black perfume, this pink one is something else! It’s only 10ml but that’s why it’s called a purse spray, whenever your going out, you can fit this in any bag and take it with you. The scent is a combination of citrus notes, jasmine and berries, so you can imagine this is a really sweet smell. It just smells so good! Not a smell that fits with the colder months, it’s more of a spring/summer one, however that’s not going to stop me from using it in the colder months, as it’s a beautiful fragrance. The packaging is quite simple. The overall look is a baby pink bottle with a clear lid. You don’t need something too fussy for a luxury scent. I’m definitely going to use this for special occasions!

Whats your favourite perfume?

A x


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