Floral Prints

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Not really an outfit of the day, more like weekend, as most of you know I work Monday to Friday so I wear a uniform for those days. Seeing as we’re now in Autumn, the season of fallen leaves, was one of the main influences of this outfit. As I was going for a spot of shopping, I wanted to be warm as the shops are mostly outdoors. I started off putting some plain black leggings on, I really need to invest in getting some tights, I have not a clue where all mine have gone, since I’ve moved house they’ve all disappeared. I love tights, they look really good with anything and allow you to wear your summer clothes in the wintery months. I’ve recently been wearing these shorts quite a lot lately, I never use to like them much on me, but I’ve changed my mind and actually really like them. I like the little slits in them and curved edge, its a bit different from just having a straight edge. This blouse though is my main focus, and what I wanted to plan my outfit around. If you ever get stuck planning an outfit, pick an item you really want to wear and plan around it. I love the floral detail on this pale pink blouse and the floaty sleeves, which gives plenty of arm movement and makes a nice change to wearing something tight fitted. I feel floral has been a trend for most of the year and I can’t see it going out any time soon. I love the grey and pale pink together, it just feels really Autumn. To finish I put on a scarf and a jacket and I’m all set to go!

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