Tanya Burr Nail Varnishes

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The perfect colours for that Christmas party you’ve got planned! Tanya Burr has brought out many different nail polish colours but I picked myself up the glitziest.

There are 12 different colours within the range, ranging from lights to darks, there’s something for every occasion and for throughout the year. The ones I’ve used are mini marshmallows, fairy tale and dark magic. How cute are the names?! They definitely match the colours! One coat of dark magic was enough and the other two needed two coats but it depends on how glittery you want your nails, with the glitter one, and don’t forget to use a top coat for better staying on power. This is the best polish by far that I’ve used, not that I wanted too, but they are very hard to chip. I’ve finally found a nail polish that I can wear at work! I found that the polish lasts on your nails for about a week. All in all a very good buy! I can’t wait to try Tanya’s new range of colours!

Whats your favourite Tanya Burr nail polish?

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2 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Nail Varnishes

  1. Oh nice manicure 😉 I have the same habit to paint the nail of the ring finger in a different colour! what do u think if we follow each others? 🙂 I have an italian blog! Ciao!

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