Garnier Intense Care Moisturising Cream

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(Garnier Intense Care Moisturising Cream £2)

It’s starting to get colder now and our skin tends to do its own thing. Mine seems to go a little dry, especially areas around my nose. If you don’t already, moisturising everyday will probably help your skin a lot during the colder months. I’ve used quite a few moisturising products before, but while I was on FeelUnique, I found this one from Garnier. It’s not an overly thick moisturising cream and is a bit oily. On the other hand it’s a perfect size for your handbag and leaves your skin quite soft, blending into the skin quite nicely. This product is okay but I’m not overly impressed and it doesn’t make me want to buy more, who doesn’t try out products though, when they only cost £2! For now I think I’ll be sticking to one of my Body Shop ones.

What’s your favourite moisturiser?

A x


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