The Christmas Perfume/Aftershave Guide

The amount of sleeps till Christmas is getting shorter and shorter by the day now (well obviously..) and it can be pretty hard knowing what to get your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife etc. A great choice is a nice expensive perfume/aftershave, everyone likes to smell nice and it makes anyone feel special to have a… Continue reading The Christmas Perfume/Aftershave Guide

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What I Got For Christmas 2015!

Before I start of this post I wanted to say 2 things. Number 1 being, I know this is quite late for a Christmas post however I have seen a few YouTube videos go up this week, so this makes me feel a bit better. Second thing is, I actually debated doing this post several… Continue reading What I Got For Christmas 2015!


Ted Baker Purse Spray

I know I've already posted once about Ted Baker this week but I wanted to post about this purse spray. I've already got the black one, but last week I think, I was given this pink one called Mia. As much as I love the scent of the black perfume, this pink one is something… Continue reading Ted Baker Purse Spray


Ted Baker Ella Purse Spray Review

Having perfume is one of every girls essentials. Doesn't matter how many we have, (admit it, you have them all stashed on your dressing table, and are running out of room) and how many different types we have, we all have our certain favourites. I am new to this perfume but I am very glad… Continue reading Ted Baker Ella Purse Spray Review


My Top 5 Perfumes

I love perfumes and I have this massive collection at home, although  I am pretty obsessed with perfume bottles. It's funny that I say that though, because none of the perfumes in my top 5 have an attractive bottle. I'm going to start from 5 and then work down to my all time favourite, favourite… Continue reading My Top 5 Perfumes