Ted Baker Ella Purse Spray Review


Having perfume is one of every girls essentials. Doesn’t matter how many we have, (admit it, you have them all stashed on your dressing table, and are running out of room) and how many different types we have, we all have our certain favourites. I am new to this perfume but I am very glad I received this gift. The bottle has a black shine to it. The box I must admit is prettier than the perfume. The box is embossed in Teds statement gold around the edging, and it just looks really pretty. What I love most about the bottle is it’s the perfect handbag size. The scent is floral yet fruity with a hint of orange. It also has notes of vanilla in too. This is quite an elegant perfume and makes me want to wear it everyday of the week.

You can find this perfume at Boots, Superdrug and Ted Baker. They are all the same price at these shops. It’s actually cheaper to get it from Ted Baker than what a few other places are charging. On that note, if your thinking of getting something, always go on other websites to see if it’s cheaper because most of the time it is. I love finding a new perfume that I like, it gives you more variety.

Whats your favourite perfume? 

A x


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