Woman In Black: Angel Of Death Review


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Title Of The Film: The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death

Year It Came Out: 2015

Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Horror

The Director(s): Tom Harper

Lead Actors: Jeremy Irvine, Helen McCrory, Phoebe Fox, Amelia Pidgeon, Amelia Crouch, Casper Allpress, Oaklee Pendergast, Alfie Simmons

I saw this a few weeks ago now but haven’t got round to doing a review yet. Me and my boyfriend decided to have a guilty Pizza Hut, followed by an even more guilty tango Iceblast watching the Woman In Black 2. Read more to see my opinion of it.

A group of orphaned children are forced to move from their home in London, due to the war, caretakers Eve and Jean, bring everyone to the desolate and eerie countryside. Where the Eel Marsh house is that they’re staying in. Eve soon starts to feel that the house isn’t as safe as it seems, and the children in her care, begin to disappear. Their house of safety become a house of horrors. Eve asks a pilot who she met on the train to the eerie countryside, to help her investigate the house. She soon discovers that it might not be a coincidence that she is staying at the house, inhabited by the woman in black. 

This film definitely makes you feel like not looking at the screen, but you just have to. I wouldn’t say it’s scary however it is extremely jumpy. Jumpy in places where you don’t think  will be. It definitely caught me out a few times. What I love in this film is the costumes. It’s all very “war time” even the hair, This makes the setting more believable as it is set in the war.

What I didn’t like was, it uses a few similar tricks in to trying to make you jump, from the first film. You could be sat there watching it and thinking I’ve seen this before, so it feels a bit repetitive. I think I was a bit dissapointed with this as it didn’t stand out to me, and it wasn’t as good as what I thought it would be. I also didn’t think that the first one needed a follow up after watching this as it didn’t really link.

My film rating: 7/10

A x


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