Sia Elastic Heart Video


I imagine quite a lot of you have seen this in the press now and it’s something that’s annoying me a little bit. This is the Sia – Elastic Heart video which has caused quite a lot of upset, so let me explain why for those of you who don’t know. There is a rather large amount of people saying that this is a video showing child abuse and are calling Shia LaBeouf  a peodaphile and a pervert. As well as this there are also comments on the fact that 28 year old Shia LaBeouf, and Maddie Ziegler, 12, shouldn’t be aloud to dance in a cage together wearing nude coloured grubby leotards, as this is inappropriate as well as the choreography. Some other people said they find it disturbing, however from my view, I’d like to disagree with this.


Being a dancer, I am totally against these comments made. The dance performed is in the style of contemporary. I think the choreography is amazing. It could be showing a few things. One of these being two different Sia’s. The old Sia and her bad habits and the strong new self however falling back into her old ways at times.


Another thing the choreography in the video could be showing, is a toxic relationship, such as a father and daughter one. These two constantly go back and forth battling eachother. The dad says it’s you, and puts all the blame on to her. She laughs in his face coming back with insults, until it goes to far. She tries to take it back, that’s why she does throat gestures, as if to say she didn’t meant it. There’s a part where she assures him she’s not a threat. He crawl towards her and she lies on her back, like an animal would do to show submissiveness, that they aren’t a threat. He tries to escape the cage, as her passion and liveliness intimidates her. He looks back and sees what he’s leaving and goes back to her. She then bites him when he try’s to be soft with her. They fight. She runs and leaves.  He’s upset and she then goes back to him. There’s a part where she hits him, and he makes stupid faces. This shows their remorse over their actions in the fight and laughing at their mistakes.


Sia has apologised for her video, although I don’t think she should have to. Sia just wanted to make people feel emoticon. Do you really think she would create a video with a pervert in for everyone to see?

I’d love to here your opinions on this..

A x


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