Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipliners

image image image image image image

I really wanted to get this whole lip liner collection to show for you, however, I couldn’t do as these lip liners keep getting sold out, so I shall make do with the two I’ve got and maybe when the ones I’m missing are back in stock, I can show you them all. I am also super sorry for the quality of my pictures. I was doing them while I was getting ready for work this morning and they are rather dark. I got the lip liners in the colours of Indian pink and Tiramisu. What I like about lip liners is how you can use them to define the shape of your lips more. These look really good with the rimmel lipsticks, especially ย if you use the Indian pink lip liner, with the Kate lasting finish lipstick, in colour 16. I like how they last a long time and are really pigmented. If you make a mistake it’s easy to correct it and rub off. They also stop the lipstick from bleeding over too. These come in a choice of 7 colours, so there’s lots of different ones to choose from but like I said earlier they sell out quick. At ยฃ2.99 you can’t go wrong. I would highly recommend.

A x

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