My Top 5 Perfumes

I love perfumes and I have this massive collection at home, although  I am pretty obsessed with perfume bottles. It’s funny that I say that though, because none of the perfumes in my top 5 have an attractive bottle. I’m going to start from 5 and then work down to my all time favourite, favourite perfume! 


Perfume: Outspoken by Fergie

Price: £15

Website to get it from: Amazon


Fergie is a singer and actress, you may know her most famously for being in, The Black Eye Peas. This perfume very much represents Fergie as a woman. It’s strong but not in like an eew what is that smell, kind of way. It’s also fearless and bold. The scent is a mix of black current, star fruit and wild saffron. I really like the way this smells on my skin, and I got lots of compliments from wearing this fragrance. 


Perfume: Tommy Girl Perfume

Price: £16.99

Website to get it from: The Perfume Shop


It is the brand Tommy Hilfiger that has created this perfume. You may know from their, bags accessories, shoes and clothes. I think this perfume lives up to Tommy Hilfiger standards, and is definitely one I save for special occasions.  The scent is a tangy citrus, floral one, inspired by wild flowers. It’s nice to have that one scent that is a bit posher from the others, that you save for special  occasions because you don’t want to use it all up. 


Perfume: White Musk Libertine

Price: £7.50

Website to get it from: The Body Shop


I love this perfume! I first found this perfume when I worked for The Body Shop, it’s a real feminine fragrance and it comes in a pink bottle! As you’ve probably guessed this is by The Body Shop. The Body Shop are probably famous for their non animal tested products, such as their body butters. This scent is a mix of rose, almond and honey. I also get loads of compliments from this scent too.


Perfume: Darling by Kylie Minogue

Price: £14.99

Website to get it from: The Perfume Shopimage

This perfume is by Kylie Minogue, she is most known for her singing and is probably one of the most well known singers to this day. I like all her fragrances but this one is my favourite out of the lot. The bottle is really unusual, it’s shiny with a tint of a mixture of purples and pinks. This scent is mixed with, lily, passion fruit, freesia, sandalwood and vanilla. It’s a really lovely sweet smell and is guaranteed to make you smell nice. 


Perfume: Friction by FCUK

Price: £48

Website to get it from: French Connection Uk


Here we have it my all time favourite perfume! This fragrance is by French Connection Uk. You may know this brand for it’s stylish clothes. The scent is a sweet, tropical, fruity one. It is mixed with coconut and vanilla, and it just smells so so good!! This is one I use for special occasions but I would quite happily wear this all the time, if I could afford it. I’m actually gutted because I’ve almost run out, so I need to stock up. If you like vanilla and coconut then yes! This is the perfume for you. 

So there you go my top favourite perfumes. If you have any recommendations then please share with me, I love perfume, so I’d love to here your favourites too! 

A x


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