My First Try At Mexican Food!


I’ve never tried Mexican food before, it’s not that I’ve never wanted too, it’s just something we haven’t had in my family, as their are some fussy little eaters. Anyways when my boyfriend suggested I tried enchiladas last night, I was up for doing so.


Old El Paso Cheesy Baked Enchilada Dinner Kit



Whats included

  • 8 Tortillas 
  • A packet of spice mix
  • 2 packets of tomato sauce

You then add 500g of chicken and 150g of cheese, then it is up to you what vegetables, and anything else you might like to put in. I didn’t put any peppers or vegetables in as the ones suggested, give me a tummy ache.


image image

Cooking them was fairly straight forward, I’d say it took about half hour to make. If you had prepared it in the morning or night before, then it would be even quicker. I simply just followed the instruction on the back of the box and let the frying pan and oven, do all the work after that. 

The Results

imageI have been converted to Mexican food. It is so good. The cheese works really well with the chicken, and the sauce compliments both the chicken and cheese. My only problem is, the mixture did not serve all 8 tortillas, I was left scrimping and scraping. The box says it’s a mild one, however my tongue was on fire by the end of the meal, so I’d put less of the spice mix in. P.S excuse the action shot!


I really enjoyed this meal, I though the price was reasonable, although I did get this on offer when I bought it. I am looking at trying other flavours and maybe trying fajitas next. I will be getting this again in the near future. 8.5/10

Let me know on some recommended flavour to try, or just your general opinion of Mexican food! 

A x


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