5 Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be a pretty tricky occasion to buy for. A time of being thoughtful and making a day special but also full of people’s Relationship updates. It can be pretty hard knowing what to get, or knowing if you should get anything at all. Especially if it’s someone who you’re dating, or if you haven’t been together for very long, or maybe it’s someone who you like, and you want to let them know. Some of you may not even celebrate it, as you feel you don’t need too. However those of you who do, and there are people who love this day, I’ve come up with some ideas that will fit all budgets. Also those of you who are single, I’ve come up with an idea for you too, so skip to the end to find out. Plus being single means you get to save money buying for someone else, that you can spend on treating yourself instead!

Gifts For Women


White Mush Smokey Rose Treats – £6


Benefit How To Look Best At Everything Set – £25.50


Lush Love And Kisses Gift – £45.95


Ted Baker Hanging Gardens Cross Body Bag – £79


Spa Day For 2 – £99

Gifts For Men 


Your The Bees Knees Biscuit – £6


We Go Together Cookies – £19


Dolce And Gabbanna Intenso Gift Set – £52 


Ted Baker Leather Wallet – £60


Triple Super Car Blast – £99

Single People


So singletons, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Something that you could do, is get you and some friends over for a big girly sleepover. You can all chip in, each one of you bring either some snacks, DVDs, face masks, nail polish, matching pyjamas and have a real nice pamper evening! Oh and why not get a takeaway too!

Hope this helps!

A x


2 thoughts on “5 Valentines Gift Ideas

  1. You have such great ideas! Thank you for sharing them! I think The Body Shop products are a great gift for anyone 😊 👌 What are your favourite products from them? Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊

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