Films That You May Want To Consider Seeing This Year

If your anything like me and are a bit of a film freak, then you will know that this year holds some very exciting films. I didn’t think last year could be topped off, but after seeing what comes out in the next 7 months, I feel like I could burst. This year is definitely one for Marvel films and Disney remakes. Here is what I’m looking forward to over the next 7 months..

The Revenant

You can watch this as its out now. There’s two of my favourite actors in this, them being Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, what a perfect collaboration. It’s about an explorer who is brutally attacked by a bear, and left for dead by members of his hunting team. What makes this even more interesting, is that its based on true life events, which always makes a film even better. What a way to kick start the year, with a keep you on the edge of your seat, action film. I’m off to watch this tomorrow so expect a review on that next week.  You can watch the trailer here.


Coming out on the 12th February, here is one for the Marvel fans. Personally I can’t wait, I love Marvel films and I think a new superhero on the scenes, is about to make things very exciting! Deadpool is about a guy who after being subjected to a rogue experiment, that is left with healing powers. This is what leads him to the alter ego name Deadpool. After his new abilities, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life. If its action that you like and a good story line, with some dark sense of humour, then you should definitely think about seeing this. You can watch the trailer here.

Batman V Superman

Another one to add to your calendar for March the 25th, is for one of the most exciting films of the year, in my opinion! Another Marvel film for you to watch, and its to do with 2 of the biggest super hero’s in the world. It will definitely be interesting to see how this pans out as there hasn’t been a lot given away. One thing I do know is, that it has been years in the planning, as this first got announced in 2013! Fans have waited a long time for this but I’ve got a feeling it will be worth the wait, and it will not disappoint. You can watch the trailer here.

The Jungle Book

Not too long to wait, you can see this on the 15th of April, however you might want to consider booking. The trailer for this, as it looks amazing, and I have to keep replaying it over and over again. After all, who doesn’t love a Disney film! Obviously this is a remake of the first, but those who don’t know, its about an orphan who is raised in the jungle, by a bear and a black panther. I love how they’re doing a lot of Disney remakes at the moment, the originals are always going to be good, however visually, the remakes are going to be amazing, and I love how dark they are becoming. You can watch the trailer repeatedly here. 

Bad Neighbours 2

The 6th May is when you can view this. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I loved the first one, it was so funny, the actors were brilliant, and its a good pick me up film, for when your having a bad day, plus Zac Efron was a lead in it! However there will now be something for the men in the second one, as you can expect to see Selena Gomez and Chloe Grace Moretz, however ladies you wont be disappointed as Zac Efron will still be in it. I hope your ready for some laugh out loud comedy, that will have you in tears. You can watch the trailer here.

Finding Dory 

Finally The Moment we’ve all been waiting for, will finally be here on the 29th July. I cannot contain my excitement for this, as I have literally been waiting for years. I’m sure others feel exactly the same. This will be a follow up from Finding Nemo but based on one of many peoples favourite character, known as Dory. I’m sure this is just going to be hilarious in every single way, and better than Finding Nemo. Who better to play Dory, other than one of America’s most loved people Ellen, she was brilliant in the first and I’m sure shes going to be brilliant in the second one. You can watch the trailer here.

What are you most excited for?

A x


3 thoughts on “Films That You May Want To Consider Seeing This Year

  1. None from your lst…those are all maybes. But what I will make an effort to watch in theatres are Koba (the new Laika movie), Zootopia, Moana, Captain America Civil War (can’t wait) and eventually Dr. Strange (depending on the reviews).


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