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January Favourites

It was October since I’ve done my last favourites of the month post. That’s 3 months ago! I can’t believe we’re in February next week either! Time to move on from those January festive blues. This year is already going quick and before we know it, we’ll be getting ready for Christmas again. I’ve been thinking whether to include more of my makeup, and fashion favourites and leave the other favourite film, songs etc, out in future posts, as I don’t know if that kind of thing interests you or not. Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Something that I really didn’t think would make it to my favourites is my new ripped jeans from Boohoo. I’m wearing them all the time, and that surprises me as I’ve never been a jeans kind of person. However these are really comfy, and I’ve not got a black pair, so these go with practically anything, which is definitely a wardrobe must have. What is also good is that you can dress them up, or just go for the laid back look.


Although Christmas is over, I still have a tonne of Christmas themed bath bombs left over, and I’ve saved all the best looking ones till last. although I like every single one of them. Not the best photo and I can’t think of the name, but I had this Santa bath bomb the other day and it smelt amazing! In fact the whole house did! Not only that but inside the bath bomb is a nice shade of green, that turns your bath that colour too. I can’t wait to try the five gold rings bath bomb!


One of my favourite songs this month is not a new one, it is in fact old. This is Chandelier by Sia, but the acoustic version. I also created an acoustic CD with this on, with other songs like, Ariana Grande One Last Time, Nelly Furtado I’m Like A Bird, Conor Maynard covering Adelle’s Hello etc. The perfect CD for night time rides to places, as sometimes you don’t want loud pumping music.


My favourite makeup product of the month is the Topshop body lip bullet in the shade of Get Me Bodied. Although there have been many makeup favourites this month, I was really after a berry shade, and this was perfect. For £8 its worth it and you get what you pay for. I absolutely adore this shade right now and would definitely consider repurchasing again, providing they don’t decide to discontinue it.


My favourite TV programme this month is probably Location Location Location, It’s probably something a lot of your mums watch but I love it. In fact I love all house programmes. Probably shouldn’t admit this, but I can just sit on the internet on Zoopla looking at houses that are for rent and sale, and picturing what I would do with them. Designing my own house would be amazing but I know this could never happen, so here’s to sitting on Zoopla!


Another favourite of mine, is my camera. Although I got it last month for Christmas, it hasn’t been till this month though, that I’ve really got to play with it. I love the overall quality of my pictures, you may have noticed this in some posts. Also the flash is brilliant and you can zoom in so close. I couldn’t be happier with this, and now this will also free up my Iphone storage, as I take way too many photos and my storage is forever filling up haha!

What’s your favourite thing from this month?

A x


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