Fitness Wear Inspiration

Fitness Wear Inspiration
Getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to lose weight, it could mean that you want to tone up or build muscle. Whatever it may be, its a battle to get started and to try and find some emoticon. One of the ways to find some motivation is to get some new work out wear. Something that you actually want to wear and look good in. Weather that’s a new pair of trainers or a new outfit, wearing something that you like and want to wear, will kick start that motivation. Who said work out clothes had to be boring? Here I have put together some work out wear, for all different price ranges, styles etc. Hopefully there is something for everyone!

NIKE white pants
£32 – nordstrom.com

Dorothy Perkins activewear pants
£20 – dorothyperkins.com

Victoria s Secret victoria secret sports bra
£29 – victoriassecret.com

Elle Sport sports activewear

NIKE low top

NIKE cross trainer shoes
£42 – 6pm.com

Puma shoes
Hope this helps!
A x

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