My First Rant

I apologize for there being no post yesterday, I don’t know whats going on at the moment, I had one scheduled and for some reason I had a look today and its still in my drafts, so that post will be going up next Thursday now, which is a Lush review. I don’t think I’ve had a rant on here before, I don’t really like posting negativity online, as in my opinion it should be a happier place. If you feel like this may be a waste of time reading, I honestly don’t blame you haha.

It all begun the other day at work when I was told a new girl had joined the company by a friend, which I was interested to find out who it was and more about them. My friend then went on to say “you probably won’t like her though, because shes done dancing”. Just because I’ve done dancing and I meet someone else who does does dancing as well, does not mean I’m going to instantly dislike them. I don’t go “someone new has joined the company and he plays Xbox like you, so your probably not going to like him”, how narrow minded would that be? If we were all like that then we probably wouldn’t have many friends, as its similar interests that makes you friends in the first place.

I shall just add that I eventually had met this girl, I had to show her what I do at work and honestly shes a lovely girl and we just instantly clicked. It’s great when that happens right? I felt like I had lost a stone from laughing so much! We’re actually going to plan on doing something, which is good because its nice to have a new friend. I literally feel like I’ve known her years! However can you imagine if I started off with the attitude, I dance, she dances, so I’m not going to like her. You can’t go through life like that, and I don’t know what my friend was even getting at. Maybe its because they thought I had competition, but I really don’t see anyone who dances like that. I’ve made so many friends through dancing and its been great.

I guess the sadness of this rant is, that I have a friend that actually thinks this way. This person is a good person, but I didn’t like what I heard. However its easy to just ignore it, I’m just glad that I’m not like that!

I’m sorry for the rant, I did say that Fridays would be random posts, they will get better I promise! By they way I was searching for an image to go with this post, as I like all my posts to have an image on, and if you just type in “narrow minded” it comes up with people with their heads in the sand, I’m sure the pictures have a deeper meaning, however this did make me laugh.

A x 


3 thoughts on “My First Rant

  1. Oh my god I have been in this situation SO many times! Too many times to mention by now haha. I have friends like that also and I always wonder what they’re trying to get at? Your right too, if we all thought like that and assumed we wouldn’t like someone we wouldn’t have any friends! I have friends who for the most part are completley different! But they all get on when we all meet up and they all have different qualities which is why were friends in the first place. Glad you get on 🙂 I’ve been on the other side and it’s the most awkward thing ever when you don’t get on!

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      1. Yeah defintley! And yeah I’ve been in that situation also, they just say it at a totally random moment. No your not! I thought i was the only one hah.


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