My Listening Ear 2022 Week 1!

(Not My Own Image) My listening ear was a big hit last year, so I've decided to bring it back to 2022! I am very excited to bring you loads more music, I have stacks on my phone notes to share, but also open to new suggestions to listen to, and find some new finds.… Continue reading My Listening Ear 2022 Week 1!


Loch Ness And Inverness

We couldn't of left Scotland without going to Inverness. It was the place I wanted to go to the most, and we were so lucky with the weather, because I was expecting it to ruin pictures of beautiful Scotland, but we got really lucky. Inverness was everything I imagined and more. We drove along Loch… Continue reading Loch Ness And Inverness


The Pressures Of Growing Up

Growing up is hard right? I'm 23 and still don't feel like I have my whole life figured out. You are not getting any younger, and you can't stop yourself from getting older. Every second that goes by, you are getting older and older. I recently mentioned in an Instagram post, that even though I… Continue reading The Pressures Of Growing Up