Big Brother


So I don’t know how many people have been watching Big Brother this year, although it’s more like a Celebrity Big Brother with Z list celebrities in mixed with a few normal people, which I’m not sure if I like or not. If Marco didn’t go when he did, I think I would of stopped watching it, as it was becoming really distasteful. I think the tasks have been stepped up a notch and been rather entertaining. Not sure on the second house, it seemed a bit pointless and didn’t really work. I feel really sorry for Jason, I wish Charlie would just leave him alone, she seems to have sucked the life out of him. Ryan is growing on me, love Georgina, Alex, although not a lot is seen of him, I actually like Hughie too, he’s a bit harmless. I also love Leytisha and Sam (I don’t know how to spell her name) I think they are very real and honest. I don’t like Chelsea, he truly irritates me, although there is a side of him I like and wonder why he can’t be like that more. Laura/Lauren, whatever her name is, her voice annoys me and I find her a bit fake. Andy is a character I’m not sure about and so is Jayne, Evelyn and Jackson. Emma is just strange. I think that’s everyone! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! On to nominations! Evelyn, Georgina, Andy and Jayne are up and I think it will be down to Andy and Jayne going out. What does everyone else think? Do you think Andy is a game player? Are you loosing interest in Big Brother? Let me know in the comments!

A x


One thought on “Big Brother

  1. I completley agree with everything you’ve said! haha 🙂 I love big brother but totally didn’t like marco and as mush as i say i’ll stop watching it if i don’t like it i’m now OBSSESSED! I do love a reality show x


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