Rumoured Celebrity Big Brother Housemates


I can’t believe 2 days after the Big Brother final, Celebrity Big Brother will start, how are they going to get the house ready?! If your as much of a fan as I am, then you will know a lot of websites have been writing about the rumoured celebrities to go in, and let’s just say I’ve seen a wide variety of different people rumoured to go in, and I think this one could be an interesting series. Helen Flanagan, Lady C and Lil Kim are those among the rumours, however there’s been a lot more starting with….

Spencer Matthews


I really hope this is true, Spencer Mathews was on the reality Tv programme Made In Chelsea, known as a bit of a player and a joker. I really think Spencer would be entertaining if he went in the house and it will give him a chance to redeem himself from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Ronnie Pickering 


I don’t know if he should be classed as a celebrity, but he probably is classed as Facebook’s angriest man, after a video of him having a go at a motorcyclist, went viral. I don’t really know what he’d be like in the house, but it should be interesting if he does go in.

Chris & Steven 


One of Goggle box’s most talked about and favourite pairs are rumoured to make an appearence, however after Goggle Box have given the people taking part in the show new contracts, I’m not sure if we will be seeing them. They’d be hilarious in the house though!

Ashleigh Defty


You may remember her from the Tv programme Ex On The Beach, her ex being Scotty T’s from Geordie Shore.  She is now the footballer Danny Simpson’s former girlfriend. Footballers girlfriends or ex wives etc, are not known to do overly well on the show, so we’ll see.

Chloe Mafia


Chloe will always be a memorable contestant from the X factor. However her hardcore partying and being unprepared, left her being booted out of boot camp. A few years later and she’s doing really well for herself. Entering the big brother house, may help her being remembered for the right reasons.

Sarah Harding


Yes, that’s right, she was part of the successful band Girls Aloud, after Pop Idol. I’m not sure what she’d be like if she went in the house, she seems like someone where you’ll know where you stand with her, which isn’t a bad thing!

Beth Chapman


You may know Beth from the popular American Tv programme Dog The Bounty Hunter, where they towed away people’s cars. She is dog the bounty hunters wife and is a big character, who won’t take any rubbish off of anyone!

Is there anyone your hoping is or isn’t going in?

A x


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