Tanya Bakes & Cute Party Finishing Touches

Hello Everyone, the weekend before last it was my boyfriend’s 30th birthday and I decided that I wanted to do a barbecue and invite both of our families over. I also wanted to do a load of desserts and the weekend before that I had bought the Tanya Bakes book, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try some of these recipes out. Inside her book there are 8 different sections these being; cookies & biscuits, muffins, cupcakes & traybakes, cakes & loaves, puddings, pastry, bread, brunch and special occasions. The photography is impressive and not to mention Tanya looks gorgeous. I also loved reading her little stories, and it was lovely to see her personality within her book. She should be proud!

Nutella Buns, Chocolate Shortbread, Chocolate Brownies & Iced Buns were among the goodies I made…mhmmm!

Now I say some but I actually ended up baking 6 different recipes from her book. Yes that mean’t I came home at 2:10pm Friday and baked until 8pm that night, non stop, crazy, but totally worth it and I would 100% do it again. In the end I had this gorgeous spread of different sweet treats! I must admit I did try a bit of everything, and it all tasted so yummy! What I loved about Tanya’s baking book, is the fact that its so easy to follow, you can understand the instructions, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do a lot of baking, because honestly anyone can bake these. It was hard to narrow it down to what recipes I was going to bake, but in the end I came to an agreement. There is such a wide range of different recipes, there is something for everyone, and shes even included gluten free recipes! I cannot wait to bake more of them!

I also made Tanya Burr’s scones without the fruit and I made my boyfriend’s birthday cake from a recipe of mine, and decorated it with Kinder chocolate!

Also included was strawberry, marshmallow and brownie kebabs, and cheese and ham pinwheels, which both went down a treat!

Finished off with Rocky Roads from the book!

The completed spread! I was rather impressed with it all!

The plates, cups, straws, wooden cutlery, napkins and trays are all from Ginger Ray, where you can  purchase these items on Notonthehighstreet, or their own website, however I shall leave on the links down below. I love the trays, they were perfect for holding all the food, as were the plates. The wooden cutlery I love, as they are so cute and have on them “yum”, which is a lovely finishing touch. All of it was really affordable and they have so many different designs, which I will purchase when it comes to throwing a different themed party, however this theme really stuck out to me, and I loved the colours together. All of this, helped me to create the little bags with a napkin, cutlery and a straw inside.

Tanya Bakes Book 

Gold Foiled Polka Dot Plates

Gold Foiled Polka Dot Cups

Gold Foiled Polka Dot Napkins 

Gold Foiled Polka Dot Trays

Gold Metalic Paper Straws

Yum Wooden Cutlery

I cannot wait to throw our next party, my boyfriend and I are thinking camping themed!

Are you loving Tanya Bakes book as much as me?

Leave me your favourite recipe from her book in the comments!

A x


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