The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

I’ve not wrote a Lush bath bomb review in a while, the main reason being, as I’ve been really busy at the moment, I’ve been having a lot of showers, which meant I had no pictures of any products. However I will make more time for these kind of posts.


To be quite frank I don’t know where this name came from for this bath bomb. From the name I was expecting to find little hearts inside, but I couldn’t be wrong. I’d also expect it to be in the shape of a heart, or Tom Jones, or maybe even the colour red. Whenever I think of the name “Sex Bomb” I immediately think of the song and in all honesty a silver fox singing to sex bomb, is not particularly  an image I want in my head. Anyways I’m rambling on now, (nothing new!) so here is my review on the interesting bath bomb Sex Bomb.

The Sex Bomb bath bomb, is half pink and half purple, with a pink flower in the middle. I really love these pastel shades together.


The scent is obviously really floral but not overly strong, and also nice and sweet, it’s perfect for a morning bath as it’s nice and refreshing. I love how the scent stays on your skin for a long period of time as well.


If I had to compare it to another Lush product, it would have to be Tender Is The Night massage bar. I love the Lush massage bar range, especially when it comes to massaging the knots in my back, this massage bar is great and another product where the scent sinks into your skin, and is very gentle with the skin too, but I feel like I’m doing two reviews in one here!


When popped in to the bath, you only need to put half in, unless you want a full on bath, I always use to put a full one in, until I realised you could get more out of them to make them last longer. If you can why not! Most of the bath bombs you can probably get two or even three baths out of, and most of them will just give you the same experience as throwing the whole thing in!


I put the picture of the bath bomb under the tap to give you an idea of its fizz and the colour that runs off, however you are suppose to put it straight into the bath, where it will fizz immediately into a lovely pink shade. There’s no fuss with this, so don’t expect any bubbles, however what you do get is, I’m presuming it is real, is a lovely dainty pink flower in your bath, which I loved! However if your one who likes a lots of bubbles, (I think we all do) this may not be for you, but if your looking for some relaxing time and time to unwind, then I’d definitely recommend this one.

A x


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